damla sulama sistemleri

TopDrip PC&PC AS


Innovative, cost effective, pressure-compensating (PC) and anti-syphon (PC AS) thin to medium-walled dripline models based on the cascade labyrinth.

Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI)

Variable topography

Irrigation of long rows with high uniformity



Accurate pressure-compensating dripper

Low loss of head

Cascade labyrinth incorporated for maximal clog resistance

Protection from root intrusion

Unique double self-cleaning mechanism

Allows longer laterals with EU of 95%

Large water passages for optimal durability at low flow rates

Multiple channel water inlet for operation under heavy dirt load

Close dripper spacing creates a continuous wetted stripe


Special model PC AS:

Anti-siphon design prevents suction at draining stage

Recommended for subsurface drip irrigation



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