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Smart Jet Sprinkler



For orchards, vineyards, citrus and landscape.

The only static jet in the market that has all options of pressure compensation and insect proof with a variety of patterns: Smart Jet, Smart Jet IP (Insect Proof), Smart Jet PC and Smart Jet PC IP.

Full and wide range of options makes it easy and economical to match any application.

Smart Cap to limit wetted area for irrigating young trees.

All models use the same frame for each unique jet pattern.

Exclusive approach of insect Proof based on extended nozzles.

Insect Proof model reduces plugging and amount of labor needed to check plugging.

PC model maintains flow and enables using longer laterals.

No wear & tear.

Large variety of nozzles & jet patterns.

With different jet patterns, Smart Jet family can match any tree spacing.

For young trees Smart Cap to limit wetted area. To be removed for larger wetted area (mature trees).




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