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Micro Flapper Dripper


Manufactured with UV & sunlight resistant, chemical resistant, non corrosive plastic material for stable performance.

Wide pressure compensating range of 0.6 to 4 kg/cm² (8.5 to 56.88 psi)

Precision moulded liquid silicone rubber diaphragm ensures pressure compensation, uniform water application and long lasting high quality performance.

Unique self cleaning design, flow path expands in case of blockages. Thus flushes off trapped dirt. This reduces the risk of clogging and minimizes maintenance cost drastically.

Inlet has large barb for maximum retention on hose, even under sustained high operating temperatures and pressures.

Barbed outlet for connection of extension tube 3.2mm ID (1/8" ID).

Available in four colour coded models :

Brown - 2 lph

Gray - 3 lph

Black - 4 lph

Green - 8 lph

Compact, lateral can be easily recoiled even when the emitters are installed on it.

Minimum 100 micron filtration required. Type of filtration and its precision can be decided by quality of source water

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