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NDJ DripKit


NDJ DripKit is the ideal solution for the irrigation and fertilization of small plots.

This comprehensive kit allows small holders to achieve better yields, using their existing resources.


Increased yields

Increases water use efficiency

Improves water and fertilizer distribution

Reduces manual labor

Reduces evaporation and run-off

Reduces weed growth

Eliminates wetting of the foliage, reducing fungal diseases

Irrigation and fertigation of small plots up to 500 m2

Adequate for all crops, such as vegetables, cereals, pulses, fruit trees, and herbs

For open field or greenhouse installation


Two different models: 250 m2 & 500 m2 
Fully gravity-powered - no need for pump or power source
Full kit supplied in one box
Easy assembly and operation - no need for previous experience
Fully modular - can be easily disassembled and stored
High quality NDJ accessories & 12 mm dripline
Resistant materials for application of soluble fertilizers
Suits any plot shape within the size range
Special male/female take-off for easy lateral plugging when only partial irrigation is required

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