damla sulama sistemleri


Our company that is one of the biggest micro irrigation companies with a total over 1 million dollars financial turnover, in the worldwide 126 countries, 30 production facilities and 4,5 million farmers with 6700 dealers is serviced for 54 years.

Over the years, we first started to produce and sell technological irrigation products and started to develop irrigation projects, and later, we bought farmers' products and put them into production and marketing of fruit juice. In the agricultural sector, we have a multi-faceted perspective in which we wear such different hats and we are perceived as "experts" in many areas of agriculture.

Our agricultural holistic approach is environmental-friendly, and our quality and new technology products with our expert team has build-up over years experience supporting to our farmers about to do more efficient and the smart farming, so We provide to them high productivity and income.

All our operations and the productions that the our dependence of the nature and the conscient activities that intended for preserving the valuable resources,are the result of.

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